2015.08.04 (Masterarbeit) Premium beverage business and its leadership

Der vollständige Titel der Arbeit ist: Premium beverage business and its leadership - What can we learn from Premium and how can leaders foster society-wide transformations effectively?

The growing number of environmental, social, and economical problems around us threaten our world and lives faster than ever before, and it is becoming clear that we need to drive changes to solve these issues. As a major part of our society, businesses and business leaders are required to take an active role in leading the change processes. However, it is questionable whether they acknowledge the role and manage it proactively based on the understanding of what can be done, what should be considered, or how the transformations can be led. Having leaders with a clear long term vision and philosophy in each organization to guide business responsibly and sustainably is an important investment in the future.
Premium beverage is a good example of a responsible business and leadership that focuses on delivering positive impact into our society by combining business with higher morals and ethics. The company tries to counteract the recognized issues in the current economic system and offer alternatives to the usual capitalist approach of businesses. With its unique leadership, organizational purpose, vision, and actions, Premium offers new perspectives and ideas for us to consider and to drive such transformation. That is why the company is chosen as the subject of this research paper. By answering the research question: “What can we learn from Premium and how can leaders foster society-wide transformations effectively?”, this paper intends to bring awareness of different elements that make Premium’s business special and encourage conversations about how to apply or combine Premium’s unique approach to other companies. Furthermore, by examining the leadership of Uwe Lübbermann, the founder of Premium, the required characteristics and roles of leaders to drive a purposeful organization and to guide business sustainably will be analyzed.
This paper consists of three major parts; Analyzing Premium’s unique element, discussing key attributes of outstanding leaders and main leadership styles at Premium to understand required leadership characteristics for society-wide transformations, and lastly gaining perspectives in terms of the leadership role when developing organizational structure and culture. To develop the contents of each part, research about Premium through various sources has been conducted as a first step. After that, academic literature were reviewed to develop the framework of the research sections on leadership. At the end, an extensive interview with Uwe Lübbermann offered inputs on leadership topics as well as opportunity to verify the collected information about Premium.
Businesses need to consider if winning in fierce competitions by chasing after profit and growth is the right approach for long term viability. Through the case of Premium, different business priorities, leadership style, and company structure and culture are suggested and they can help individuals to have ideas to foster society-wide transformations effectively.

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