2016.02.16 (Masterarbeit) Employee Engagement as a natural side effect of innovative leadership, work organisation and company culture in German SMEs

In dieser Masterarbeit werden innovative Leadership-Formen in Bezug auf Mitarbeitermotivation analysiert.

The main goal of this dissertation is to find an answer to the following research question: how can German SMEs truly engage employees to free their full potential and motivation in order to strengthen the firm’s long-term competitiveness? In order to answer this question, several sources of literature were examined. This enabled specifying the research question and concentrating the study on the relationship and effects of innovative leadership, work organization and company culture on employee engagement. Primary data for this research were collected from three German SMEs from the beverage, real estate and medical industry, which showed relevance due to their innovative employee engagement. In semi-structured in-depth interviews with both the “leader” and employees, best practices of Employee Engagement were explored. The findings were analysed and compared to reveal the major influencing criteria on employee engagement. The results show that Employee engagement is not a myth, but already present in companies today and revealed adoptable criteria to full employee engagement.

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