2016.09.01 (Masterarbeit) How to be an Attractive Employer in the Future Work Place Environment? - An Employer’s Perspective of Small- and Medium-Sized Organizations and Start-ups.

Abstract: The organisational world is changing at a fast pace. Different paradigms can be found in companies. The new workforce, digitalisation, and the threatened biopsychosocial health of humans are drivers that force organisations to reinvent. Rising complexity and collaboration are fundamental changes coming into focus. Answers are to be found how leadership and management is practised and what other influencing factors produce an attractive employer in the next decade. The real deal lies in social connectivity and the understanding how thinking directly affects the human health's as a turning point in history of the western world.

Auszug aus der „Conclusion“:
As for the future, there is no one ultimate attractive employer. In fact, performing well in the developmental stage will attract the employees who really fit in. Keeping in mind that there are different transition phases in the market.(...) What is needed is a better awareness of the surrounding environment. (...) So a change has to occur at a much faster pace. For example, colonial exploitation of third world countries has to end immediately. (...) It causes deforestation, habitat degradation, climate change, animal cruelty and indigenous rights abuses in the countries where it is produced. (...) This is thievery of the much poorer countries, but more important of mother earth. It is used to feed the immense machinery of capitalism and consumption. There is great potential for rethinking this whole concept and to question
the reality of what most organizations and countries do. Especially with regard to future generations. For this the western world needs to separate itself from its materialistic world view and projection of itself and everything only to the material world. Of course hard work needs to be rewarded but not like a bottomless pit. Reflecting on what is
needed to have a sustained and healthy life should be worth more than hunting for the more expensive, better, faster material subject to possess or use. (...) This means that humans have to transcend the negative blockades of fears, illnesses, destruction etc. through healthy thinking. (…)

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